Radhey Krishna Legal Aid Foundation has been providing the free legal aid to the needy, poor and deserving persons through a penal of competent lawyers and headed by our Chief Trustee Mr. Ajay Garg, Advocate.   We have been not only giving the legal services in the sense of giving legal consultant and creating legal awareness but also conducting their cases in different cases from the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to District Courts at Delhi.  There a numerous case which have been successfully conducted by us whereby we had been successful in getting the justice delivered to the applicants who applied for legal aid from us.   Similarly, we have also been doing several cases of different nature and related to different laws and pending in different courts wherein we are fighting/contesting for the legal rights and causes of the poor and down trodden.

Here, we are giving some examples of the pending cases.  We cannot disclose the exact details and facts of the case in order to keep the confidentiality of the case but we are giving the broad idea of the type of case being done by us.

  • One person “X” was coming back to his home after completing his duties in a Govt. office and while returning back he took shelter under a DTC Bus Stop/Shed due to the heavy rains and the said bus stop fell down over X and other persons which cause fatal injuries to “X” and other persons and which ultimately led to his death. “X” was survived by his wife and three minor daughters.  The accident of the “X” which resulted his death took place due to the gross negligence of the DTC since they had measurable failed to properly maintain the said bus stop/shed.  Since was the only earning member of the family and his family had no funds to claim the compensation in the court.  Therefore, we took up their cause and filed the Writ Petition before the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi for seeking compensation for the death of “X” and the said case is pending before the court and is at the final stage. We are hopeful to get good compensation to the Victim’s family.
  • A person by the name of “A” was working a private company and his duty pertained to collecting the cheques for the repayments of the car loan instalments and also picking a the vehicle for default of payments. One day, when “A” was on the field to pick up a vehicle/collect a cheque he was found lying unconscious on road by his colleague and he was admitted to hospital where he ultimately died.   Despite the case being in the knowledge of the police, and the wife and son the deceased raised suspicion of the death of “A” and no reason was forthcoming for his death but still the concerned police failed to register the case and investigate the cause of the death of “A” and to rule out any fall play.  Family members of “A” in view of the apathy of the police, approached us and we immediately gave representation to the concerned police station and senior police officials for investigation into the cause death of “A” and when the police failed to take any action we filed a criminal case before the concerned Metropolitan Magistrate seeking directions for investigation by the police and the case is pending.

Many more such examples and instances will be updated shortly…….