Delhi high court vide order dated 20.01.2023 granted 3 years age relaxation to the candidates for the post of hc(m) in crpf 2022-2023 which will help millions of unemployed youth to participate in the exam

In our latest matter, the Hon’ble Delhi High Court vide judgment dated
20.01.2023 disposed of our WP (C) No.90/2023 and WP (C) No.301/2023
titled as Sachin & Ors. Vs. CRPF and Anurag Sharma & Ors. Vs. CRPF
respectively, wherein the Court granted 3 years of age relaxation to the
petitioners and similarly situated candidates to the post of Head
Constable (Ministerial) in CRPF 2022-2023. Through this judgment in
our case, not only the petitioners who were not only 40-50 in number but
also similarly situated persons which will be in lakhs have got the
opportunity to participate in the exams and to get the employment in
CRPF, which otherwise they were not eligible

The facts of the case that the CRPF/UOI issued an advertisement dated
25.01.2022 inviting interested candidates for recruitment of vacancies for the
post of ASI (Steno) and Head Constable (Ministerial) in CRPF with a clause
that the age limit of the candidates for the said post should be from 18 to 25
years as on closing date of application i.e. 25.01.2023 i.e. candidate should not
have born before 26.01.1998 or after 25.01.2005. The post of Head Constable
(Min.) has 1315 total vacancies in the said advertisement. However, since
these vacancies were notified after a gap of long time i.e. 6 years, therefore,
the petitioners had become barred by age/ overaged as they have crossed the
age of 25 as on 25.01.2023 which is the cut-off date for upper age
determination. The last recruitment drive for the post of HC (Min.) in CRPF
for the year 2015-16 was conducted vide advertisement dated 21.03.2016 and
no recruitment has been carried out thereafter in the past 6 years for the post
of Head Constable (Min.), although, the vacancies for HC (Min.) had arisen
every year till date. The petitioners appeared in the said exams, however, they
were not successful. The petitioners were the young resource of India who had
not only their career but also the responsibility of their parents, siblings and
family on their shoulders and since there had not been any recruitment drive
for the post of HC (Min) for last 6 years despite vacancies arising every year
and due to the same, the petitioners had become overaged. Although, the
vacancies for the post of HC (Min.) were available in hundreds with the CRPF
in the year 2016-2022 (875 vacancies by 04.03.2020 and 1197 vacancies as of
25.06.2022), however, the CRPF failed to conduct the examinations to fill up
the said vacancies leading to the petitioners getting overaged and therefore,
the denial of the opportunity of taking the current examination will be in
violation of their fundamental rights as en