Accused acquitted in a NDPS case by the ld. Trial Court and he re-united with his family in UP after more than 2 years of languishing in Jail


Rahim Ali (name changed) was arrested on 19.02.2016 on the case filed by the customs, IGI Airport, New Delhi against accused Rahim Ali on the allegation that he was carrying about 99 bottles of Phensedyl Cough Syrup in his check-in-baggage when he was about to depart for Riyadh. He was booked for committing offences under Section 21 (c)/23(c) read with Section 28 of NDPS Act. The accused had spent about 2 years in judicial custody and he was represented by a Legal Aid Counsel before the Ld. Trial Court during his trial. It was the case of accused that being a poor person, he had been falsely implicated in the presence case.

Accused Rahim Ali hailed from small village from U.P. and had a big family to feed including his wife and children. He was totally frustrated since his trial was not properly conducted by his counsel and it was getting delay. He came in contact with our jail visiting Advocate/volunteer and requested our NGO to take up his matter and conduct the trial on his behalf. In view of the poor condition of the accused and overall facts and circumstances of the case, we accepted his brief and our Chief Trustee Mr. Ajay Garg, Advocate assisted by Ms. Shilpa Sharma, Advocate/volunteer conducted the trial of the accused Rahil on pro bono basis purely on humanitarian and compassionate ground. After the conclusion of Prosecution Evidence the statement of accused was recorded and thereafter, our Chief Trustee Mr. Ajay Garg advanced Final Arguments in the above matter and the Ld. Special NDPS Court after hearing the arguments, was pleased to acquit the accused Rahim Ali under Section 21 (c)/23(c) read with Section 28 of NDPS Act vide detailed Judgment dated 21.02.2019 in Sessions Case No.441316/2016. In this way we our helped the accused Rahim Ali to get the justice without charging anything from him.