Nepali National granted Bail by Delhi High court after 7 years of incarceration and facing trial proceedings


In this case, a Nepali National Bahadur (name changed) was implicated in an offence under Section 302/396/34 IPC (Murder and dacoity) in an FIR registered in 2013 in P.S. Lajpat Nagar, Delhi and since then he was in judicial custody. It was the case of accused Bahadur that he was falsely implicated by the police and he was wrongly picked up from his residence at Delhi and illegally arrested on 24.02.2013 alongwith five other accused persons. The Ld. Trial Court framed charges against all the five accused persons for committing dacoity and murder. The case of accused Bahadur was that he was wrongly roped in on the basis of the false statement of the main accused. Accused Bahadur was languishing in jail for last seven years. In view of the poor condition of accused Bahadur he was represented by legal aid counsel before the Ld. Trial Court. His bail application was rejected by the Ld. Trial Court and even after languishing for seven years his trial was not getting concluded.

Accused Bahadur came in touch with jail visiting advocate of our NGO and sought a Free Legal Aid for conducting bail proceedings before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court. In view of the poor condition of accused Bahadur and overall facts and circumstances of the case, we accepted his brief and granted him free legal aid. We filed the bail application on his behalf before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court on pro bono basis purely on humanitarian and compassionate ground. The said bail application was registered as Bail Application No.461/2020 and our Chief Trustee Sh. Ajay Garg, Advocate argued the bail application on behalf of accused Bahadur and the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi was pleased to grant bail to accused Bahadur vide order dated 17.02.2020 and that is how he came out of jail after 7 years and we helped him in re-uniting with his family.